About Imaginem Cinema

About Us

At Imaginem Cinema, we dream of a truly novel cinematic experience. We intend to not only relive the magic of cinema as a uniquely different art form but also enlarge it´s idea as a stimulating, provocative, entertaining as well as intriguing medium of human experience which speaks a universal language...


IMAGINEM CINEMA PVT LTD is a young independent motion picture production company-founded in 2009 by AJITA SUCHITRA VEERA,(Film Director-Producer), with the aim of producing imaginative, provocative, artistic and uniquely different cinematic works with high technical & artistic standards. We are interested in Production and Co-Production of innovative, original -high quality art house films films internationally and in india.

Alongside the Founder of the company Ajita Suchitra Veera -we have in our team -Usha Rani Vellanki(Producer-Managing Director), Shanti Bhushan Roy(Cinematographer), Sudha Rani(Line Producer)Barun Maitra (Project Co-ordination),Venki Das (Business Development-Marketing)

Our legal matters are handled by Adyopant Legal services a Delhi based legal firm.

"BALLAD OF RUSTOM" -(2014)-Our first full length artistic Feature Film in Hindi is currently in the final stage of post production and we are looking for an international and domestic release after completion.

The Vision


Our Vision is to produce, imaginative, innovative, challenging and uniquely different cinema in India with high technical & artistic standards

We aim to enrich the Indian Film Market & create original -innovative films which are technically –and artistically superior –and which will broaden the definition of Indian Cinema to include films which are highly original –breaking new ground from the formula filmmaking, modernist, and experimental and truly showcase the “intellectual and artistic” aspirations of a nation on the brink of change.